IT RUNS DEEP - Demo 2013

by What Remains Records

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released May 22, 2013

Recorded by Darcy O'Connor in April 2013 ( at SAE West End and Via Studios.



all rights reserved


What Remains Records Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Disillusion

Pain! This struggle within
To deal with my disillusion
Pity! For these people I see
Their atrocious acts I don't understand

The things you say, NO!
The way you behave
I ask myself
How can we be so different?
Born, raised, you're a damn weed
A disgrace of a person, with values barely there, barely there, barely there.

How! Are we still at this point
This lack of progression
Grinding me down
Why?! Haven't we stood up
Taken care of those that need us

You keep on, like this is just normal
You know no other way
Your peers are just as bad
Taking from people, who won't fight back
Guess what? We won't take it any more!
Track Name: Change

I don't miss it, the void
The distance between us
I don't miss the heartache
The pain I put you through
I'd take it back, but we must move on

Join the party, the water's warm
These feelings are real, Our words are true

Awkward moments, poor exchanges
Constantly letting you down
I thought I had it worked out
But I was blind, driving myself into the ground

You showed me a way
A way I could be a better man
Cherish all I have
And to take a hold
Of something real
Track Name: The Void

Ten years gone by
Never thought it'd look like this
Your absence, like a hole
I'm torn right open
But it's numb
Why does it feel like this?
I'm standing here
I'm all alone

Your life meant so much,
But was gone in a moment
I can't clearly recall
I just want to remember

Time moved on
I learned to cope
Although sometimes I wish I hadn't
Because our connection is lost
It was all I had left
The time we shared I'd cherish

Your life meant so much
but was gone in a moment
I can't clearly recall
I just want to remember

I don't want to forget
I want it to hurt
Why else are we here but to feel feelings
Whether good or bad, I don't want to lose, all that we had
Just stay with me.
Track Name: Not Ashamed

Not ashamed, not ashamed
Can't hold me down!

You can't pull me up for the way I get down
No way you could've seen it
I told you that id never change
But look at me now
I Found a better meaning
Things are on the up, they don't look like stopping

I'll always want something more
Keep striving for those things that have true value

We must scale these walls
Or be eaten alive
A time to evolve
It's a time to be heard
Improve, every inch of my life
I just want to be, the best I can be!
Track Name: Face Forward

The climate we're now facing

Thought we'd make it through
Thought I'd never give up on you
Picking holes in what I've done
How I tried to be
Didn't care to compromise
Or just take time to see
See that I did this
For you as much as me

Broke a life of bad habits
Just to hear you say
You know me no more
Know me no more!

Well it's true
I'd never give up on you
The Best years of my life
Inspiration for my change

I was down
I'll never forget!
Gave me something!
All I needed!

Always and forever
you'll be by side
These words, all for you.

Face forward
Don't ever let go
Track Name: Keep On

Seize the day, you must take a hold
Fight hard till, you breath that last breath
Times are hard, find your way
Just keep on!

Always a battle, but did you think it'd just come to you?
Me, I was stupid, thought there was something higher
I found myself, I pushed ahead
The strength lies within
It's in my heart, it's in my mind.
It's all around me.

No is not an answer
People will doubt you
Lies will be spoken
But you have all you need

Scale the heights, you must take a hold
Fight hard till, you breath that last breath
Times are hard, find your way
Don't accept you can't make it

Not rich, not powerful
Just a man, a man of value